June in PIN newsrooms: on being surprised, engaging reporters, and a summer outreach challenge

Joellen Easton -

Happy Summer! 

Here in LA you'd hardly know it, but I'll refrain from weather commentary because those of you who are sweltering might not take it too kindly...

In June we trained up new partners at KPBS in San Diego, The Washington Post, the Changing Gears local journalism center in Ann Arbor, the Harvest Public Media local journalism center in Kansas City, and Not In our Town (a documentary project).  June also saw the launch of Changing Gears, our second local journalism center to launch.  Next month we'll hear about Harvest Public Media's launch too, and I'll also share what we've been learning about PIN as a collaborative tool -- at LJCs and among those of you who have been working on PIN projects together.

pin-pin_reasonably_small.jpgA summer outreach challenge

Ashley at California Watch writes below about a competition she ran internally for source recruitment.  That's a great idea.  In fact, I think I'll steal it: This summer, consider what you've BEEN doing to recruit sources.  Now do something completely different, of course, keeping within the realm of PIN best practices.  Get creative! 

At the end of August, tell me about your most creative outreach effort.  I'll pick a standout -- in either source recruitment, editorial impact or sheer genius -- and send the winner a bag of PIN pins. 

See the attached newsletter for the behind the scenes on what your PIN colleagues have been up to.


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