The PIN Essentials

Michael Caputo -

(Updated 7/22/14)

Welcome to the PIN Community 

American Public Media has developed short tutorial -- a shortcut for beginning users. Peruse at your leisure. You can also search the Knowledge Base at any time with specific questions.


Section 1 - Starting with PIN - We'll introduce you to AIR (the PIN platform: where you search for sources, build question forms, email sources, read responses and share them through Insight Pages). We also go over the PIN mindset - the underpinning of the Public Insight process. And we will lay out a workflow for using PIN.

Section 2 - Searching for PIN Sources - You'll explore how to search the Network to find relevant sources and refinine your search. We'll give you searching tips and how to create bins that gather together the sources you want to reach.

Section 3 - Writing & Promoting PIN Queries -You'll learn how to create questions that best elicit responses from sources. We'll then describe how to work with AIR to build your form (Querymaker) and then go over how to send out the form.

Section 4 - Reading and Learning from Sources - You'll be introduced to AIR's submission reader and learn how to make it work for you. We'll go over tagging responses and sources and making notes in the system. And we’ll discuss how to best organize what you do to create a more powerful network.

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