Announcing the new PIN database -- what you need to know about AIR2 in April and May

Joellen Easton -

Hi All--
For more than a year, the PIN development team has been rebuilding and redesigning the PIN database.  I'm really excited to tell you that we're ready to start releasing it
AIR2 (this is a temporary name) has lots of cool new features.  The biggest changes are a totally new look and feel, tagging, and a new way to create and work on reporting projects together inside the system, not to mention the fact that AIR2 will behave a lot more like a dashboard that will help you with your work.  We'll also be able to do new things in the coming months, like visually display aggregate source information, integrate text messaging queries into the system, develop new ways to publish insight, etc.
Because we know we'll experience some bugs in April, we're going to roll this out to one group at a time, every two weeks, through April and May.  (Find your group below.)
Starting April 5, AIR2 will run in parallel with AIR1.  The reason we're doing this is so we can work out the bugs.
Starting at the beginning of May, all new users will be training in on AIR2.
By May 31, everyone will be using AIR2.  We'll still keep AIR1 as a backup until the end of June.
Things to know about this release:

  • At first (early April), AIR2 is going to be buggy.  Report bugs (or anything unexpected) to

  • We don't have training documentation yet.  We'll be creating this during April

.  Your feedback will be crucial to helping us develop smart and effective training materials.  Get in and kick the tires.  If you can't do what you need to do, you can always go back to AIR1 for that task.

  • During April and Maychanges in AIR1 will overwrite data in AIR2 unless the AIR2 record was updated more recently. Changes in AIR2 will never show up in AIR1 unless you also manually input them in AIR1. 
  • It is unexpected, but if AIR2 crashes while it's running parallel with AIR1, you can go right back to using AIR1.  If that happens, data related to new AIR2 functionality (e.g. projects, annotations, tags.), CSV files uploaded into AIR2, and other manual changes to the AIR2 database will be lost.
    • We've found bugs 
    • with 

AIR2 in 

      IE and Safari. Please use Firefox or Chrome 

until further notice


You'll gain access to AIR2 on this timeline:
Group A
April 5: NHPR, WNYC, SCPR, CPI, Marketplace
April 7: Q&A/support call for Group A at 1pm Central: (888)354-0094, pwd 7520136#
Group B
April 18: MPR, Miami Herald, CIR, KQED, KUOW, ProPublica, WDET, Charlotte Observer
April 20: Q&A/support call for Groups A & B at 1pm Central: (888)354-0094, pwd 7520136#
Group C
May 2: St Louis Beacon/Nine Network, University of Montana, Media Consortium
May 4: Q&A/support call for Groups A & B & C at 1pm Central: (888)354-0094, pwd 7520136#
I'll follow up with separate notes with login information for each group when your time comes.
Thanks to all PIN staff in PIN newsrooms for your thoughtful feedback and ideas over the years, and to the PIN development team for your dedication, creativity, and, let's face it....some blood sweat and tears.


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