AIR Release Notes (summaries of changes with each AIR release) - updated 4/20/12

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Updated 04/20/2012

AIR 2.1.2 release notes -- PIN users read this -- it affects your workflow


Hi everyone,


This is Tara Kieffer from the PIN development and support team.  We are introducing some important changes to AIR this weekend (including many that you asked for) starting Saturday evening 7 pm Central Time, April 21.   These changes will affect your job, so please read and save this email.


Over the weekend we anticipate there will be minimal downtime.  There may be small interruptions to AIR search service on Sunday due to maintenance.


What's new in AIR 2.1.2?


Two enhancements I am particularly excited about are:


  • You can now log your PINfluence directly in AIR. (Sexy, no?) Find out more about this new form
  • Conflict resolving gets a little bit easier.
    • Aliases are now available for First and Last name.   This should help reduce the number of conflicts you have to resolve. More details.
    • The alerts for conflicts will now be grouped by query or csv upload.
    • Addresses display conflicts line by line instead of as a whole record.


Here are some additional changes:


  • You can now generate an embed code for the Insight button from any query profile page, programmed to open that query.  For more details.
  • You now have the ability to display multiple submissions in a print-friendly view.  This is available from the Bin Page and there is a limit to 50 sources per bin. For more details. 
  • You now can have csv exports emailed to you directly.   When exporting, select "Email CSV file."  Bins with more than 500 sources will be required to be sent via email.  The email may take several minutes to be sent.  The more sources exported, the more time it will take.  This allows us to increase the limit from 1000 to 2500.  More about exporting to a CSV.
  • Contextual help - You will see a question mark Screen_Shot_2012-04-17_at_9.43.05_AM.png icon throughout AIR.  When you hover over this icon, a pop-up will display additional help.  Some will include a link to a support article.  




  • The site has received a bit of a facelift., for a new light and AIRy feeling.
  • Bugfix - Improved search on accented characters.  For example, a search for "Hernandez" will return results for both "Hernandez" and "Hernández."  You can also search for "Hernández" to get only "Hernández."
  • Bugfix - IE8 - the dropdown to access the directory is now available




  • Bugfix - Source contact modifications could not be saved if the contact panel was opened and closed before making the modification.   This has been corrected.
  • Bugfix - Annotations on submissions are now included in search.
  • Bugfix - Most recent experience with no end date to populate job title and employer in the csv export.
  • Bugfix - Invalid password issue at the time of exporting bin.  This occurred if the AIR session had timed out.  The user should now be prompted with a login window before proceeding.



Updated 01/17/2012

On Tuesday, January 17, we will release AIR 2.1.1 at approximately 9:00 PM CST.  

There will be no interruption to the system during this change.  Here is a summary of what is changing:

What's new in AIR 2.1.1?

On the roadmap for PIN is to bring the functionality of FormBuilder into AIR.  In this release, we are taking some of the first steps towards this goal.  
This release’s new features are geared toward making it easier for you to work with source submissions – how you read and scan them and how you organize them for reporting.

Below are some details about the features and links to the support articles.  As you become familiar and use these features, please do send feedback and comments to our support desk at   

  • The Submissions  Reader is an easier way to review  submissions to a PIN query. This new view allows you to read  submissions similarly to how you read email in your inbox. It will also track  if you have read the submission or not. Read more about this feature (and what  improvements are coming soon) in the training article –  
  • You can now work  with bins in a full-page bin view –  and add submissions to bins.  On the bin page view screen, you can  add notes to items in the bin, add submissions, and annotate or tag all  sources in the bin.  Read more in this training article -  
  • Scanning for the  right uploaded image is easier now with thumbnail previews of images sources  have uploaded via queries. Going forward updated images will display as a  thumbnail within AIR with a link to the full size image.   Also each  image will be given its own unique id.   This should eliminate some  of the issues we have had with mislabeled files.  
  • Any annotations on submissions will now  display in the print-friendly view.  


Update on upgrade to Formbuilder and EmailLabs templates: date change to 11/29
We are gathering results on some research a few AIR users are conducting on performance of Lyris templates, so we've decided to push out the dates for the Formbuilder and EmailLabs/Lyris templates upgrade to 11/29.  The new templates for Formbuilder and EmailLabs/Lyris will now be available on November 29, and the old templates will be removed from the system on December 2.


On Sunday, November 13, we changed the name of the organization that sources belong to if they are in the Global PIN.  
The short name is now “Global” (formerly “PIN”) and the long name is “Global PIN Access”.   Approximately 69,000 sources belong to this organization and they are available to be searched for and queried by users of all organizations in the PIN.   Read this article to find out more about the Global PIN -



On Tuesday, November 15, we will release AIR 2.1.0 at approximately 9:00 PM CST.  
There will be no interruption to the system during this change.  Here is a summary of what is changing:
What's new in AIR 2.1.0?
  • You can  now create new sources, submissions, projects, and users from the top  navigation in AIR.  Previously, you had to go to your organization’s home  page to create a source, but now you can do it from anywhere in AIR.  See  the updated training article -  

  • When  searching for sources and attempting to view submissions, you may have  occasionally seen an error that you didn’t have permission to view a  particular submission.  We are now providing  details on which organization to contact if you want to request permission to  view the submission.  See updated training  article  (bottom of page)

  • There  have been some design improvements to the submission page.  Most  importantly, there is now a Print-friendly button on all  submissions.  This opens a new window with all text formatting removed.   It is very helpful if you want to copy and paste submissions into an  email or word document.  See updated training article

  • Now  only administrators can modify short names for organizations and projects.   If you need assistance with this, contact  support.

  • You can  now search for Tags in Advanced search.  Note that you can also just  search tags by typing tag=whatever in to the search window.  

  • Query  annotations are now included in query searches.

  • When  adding an address to a source profile page, you can now start typing a state  name instead of having to use your mouse to  select.





On November 8, we released a new update to FormBuilder at approximately 9:00 PM CST.  
What's new in FormBuilder 1.2.4?
  • RSS Introductions are now  required on every form.  If you try to save an edit to an existing form,  you will need to add an RSS introduction.  This will help ensure that  your Source landing page is always displaying useful descriptions of your  latest queries.  

  • We got rid of the Facebook  Share because it’s redundant to the Facebook Recommend  button.





What's new in AIR 2.0.2?

  • Check boxes have been implemented on the search page!  This should make it easier to select and deselect individual sources.  Here are some tips:
    • If you select some sources on a given page, click and drag the box labeled “Drag Selected (x)” into a bin
    • If you want to select and entire page, click the box labeled “Select page (50)”.
    • If you want to add all the search results to a bin (not just those visible on the page), click and drag the box labeled “Drag all (x)”  Note that this ignores any selections or de-selections you may have made on your current search page.
    • Bonus: you can now select and copy and paste source names, email addresses, phone numbers from the search page!
  • You can now assign multiple projects to a query on the query profile page in AIR.  This is useful if you want to collaborate with another organization on a specific query.  Just pick (or create) a project for the two (or more) organizations to share.  This will ensure all the associated organizations can see all the submissions to a specific query.
  • Not null searches were not always working.  For example you can now search for country!=NULL to find sources that have informed us what country they live in.
  • You can now add a source to a bin from a submission page by dragging their name into a bin.
  • You can now search for sources that have created an account on the Source website (  You can do this in Advanced Search with a category of “Has SOURCE Account” or by searching for src_has_acct=Y or src_has_acct=N.


AIR 2.0.2 Release notes


Release Date - August 30, 2011 (PM)


Peter Rasmussen


Quality Assurance Manager





What's new in AIR 2.0.1?

  • We've seen some instances of search failing in recent weeks, especially in queries with "9/11".  This was caused by the part of search that creates the snippets and highlights them having to many short words too review when preparing the search results.  If a couple of these occurred at the same time, it caused the search engine to overload and fail.  We have made a few changes to our search engine to improve this by increasing the number of characters required in highlighting snippets.  We will monitor the situation and make further improvements if necessary.
  • The bin functionality has been re-written to better support Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.  The key change for all users is that there is now paging in each bin instead of one long scrolling list.  The number of sources on each page is automatically determined by how large your browser is.  (ticket 3092)
  • When sources have created an account in the Source App (, certain fields on the sources' profile page are now locked.  We are locking the fields that the source has the ability to change themselves.  This includes contact information, interests, and experiences.  In the Demographics section, you can still update the analyst-selected items.   Click here for lots of details.  (tickets 1440, 2133)
  • New sign-up pages have now been implemented.   See here for details including the URLs to be used.  (ticket 3083)
  • "Managed Emails" has been retitled "Bounced Emails" and improved.  There are now filters and the list shows the primary newsroom.  (tickets 2233, 2378, 2379, 2380) 
  • If a source deletes an experience or interest using the Source App, it is now no longer searchable in AIR. (2388)
  • "Last Contacted" has been removed from the Advanced Search types.  Please use "Last Queried". (2487)
  • Budget Hero - Did you know you can add Budget Hero to your website? And now, anyone that joins the PIN via Budget Hero will be automatically imported into AIR.
  • A bug has been corrected where Thank You notes were counting as queries for purposes of the 30 day rule.  This has been corrected for all Thank You notes from this period forward.

What's next?

  • Check boxes on the search results page (Late August)
AIR 2.0.1 Release notes
Release Date - August 2, 2011 (PM)
Peter Rasmussen
Quality Assurance Manager
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