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Release Notes Source 2.1.5

On Tuesday, February 28, we will release Source 2.1.5 at approximately 9:00 PM CST.  

There will be no interruption to the system during this change.  

What is new in Source 2.1.5?

  • Source can now be viewed in Spanish or English.   There are links in the footer of each page to control the language.Screen_Shot_2012-02-23_at_11.21.23_AM.png

  • Sources now can remove queries from their list if they are not interested in responding to them.   Hovering over a given query an ‘X’ will display.   Click on this ‘X’ to remove query from the list.


Queries will still be removed from the list once a source answers the query.  

  • Sources are now able to search for publicly available queries.   The keyword search uses the AIR search engine.  Important note: queries are defined as publicly available if the “Include in RSS feed” flag is set to “Yes” in FormBuilder.  Additional details in the support article:
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