Release Notes - AIR 2.1.2 will deploy this weekend - read this if you use AIR

Tara Kieffer -

Hi everyone,

This is Tara Kieffer from the PIN development and support team.  We are introducing some important changes to AIR this weekend (including many that you asked for) starting Saturday evening 7 pm Central Time, April 21.   These changes will affect your job, so please read and save this email.

Over the weekend we anticipate there will be minimal downtime.  There may be small interruptions to AIR search service on Sunday due to maintenance.

What's new in AIR 2.1.2?

Two enhancements I am particularly excited about are:

  • You can now log your PINfluence directly in AIR. (Sexy, no?) Find out more about this new form
  • Conflict resolving gets a little bit easier.
    • Aliases are now available for First and Last name.   This should help reduce the number of conflicts you have to resolve. More details.
    • The alerts for conflicts will now be grouped by query or csv upload.
    • Addresses display conflicts line by line instead of as a whole record.

Here are some additional changes:

  • You can now generate an embed code for the Insight button from any query profile page, programmed to open that query.  For more details.
  • You now have the ability to display multiple submissions in a print-friendly view.  This is available from the Bin Page and there is a limit to 50 sources per bin. For more details. 
  • You now can have csv exports emailed to you directly.   When exporting, select "Email CSV file."  Bins with more than 500 sources will be required to be sent via email.  The email may take several minutes to be sent.  The more sources exported, the more time it will take.  This allows us to increase the limit from 1000 to 2500.  More about exporting to a CSV.
  • Contextual help - You will see a question mark Screen_Shot_2012-04-17_at_9.43.05_AM.png icon throughout AIR.  When you hover over this icon, a pop-up will display additional help.  Some will include a link to a support article.  


  • The site has received a bit of a facelift., for a new light and AIRy feeling.
  • Bugfix - Improved search on accented characters.  For example, a search for "Hernandez" will return results for both "Hernandez" and "Hernández."  You can also search for "Hernández" to get only "Hernández."
  • Bugfix - IE8 - the dropdown to access the directory is now available


  • Bugfix - Source contact modifications could not be saved if the contact panel was opened and closed before making the modification.   This has been corrected.
  • Bugfix - Annotations on submissions are now included in search.
  • Bugfix - Most recent experience with no end date to populate job title and employer in the csv export.
  • Bugfix - Invalid password issue at the time of exporting bin.  This occurred if the AIR session had timed out.  The user should now be prompted with a login window before proceeding.
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