AIR 2.1.3 Release Notes

Tara Kieffer -

Hello everyone -

This is Tara Kieffer from the PIN development and support team announcing the release of AIR 2.1.3 and a little clean up activity.  The key detail to note about the cleanup is that you will potentially have some conflicts Monday morning, June 25 (see below for more details).  We are scheduled to implement this release AIR 2.1.3 to production Tuesday, June 26th around 9 pm Central Time.   We anticipate minimal downtime. 

Here is the list of changes being introduced, starting with some highlights:

  • Now you can export your own PINfluence report.
  • County available for search (starting July 2nd). It is recommended if you are going to use the county filters you include state as a search term. We will be implementing a process to derive the county based on the zip code entered in the address field.  There will be a nightly job to populate this field.  Note: for the database we are using to looking up counties, not all zip codes have a county defined.  We are working to fill this gap.  
  • From the submission reader, you can now drag submissions to the bin.  This will make it a little easier to take advantage of the bulk print-friendly functionality and the new feature to export submissions as a .xlsx file.A bit of teaser, AIR 2.1.4 will include even more improvements to the submission reader view.
  • We are also starting to lay the groundwork for some profile pages for journalist and newsrooms in Source.  These profile pages will be populated with the data stored in AIR.   We have introduced some new fields to the User and Organization profile pages. Feel free to start completing these fields if you want.  For now, they will only display in AIR.  

Bug fixes/Minor tweaks

Bugfix - Now able to merge sources from the Primary Sources search view. 

Bugfix - Now able to use bin for submissions when user has authority to submission only.

Bugfix - Text size of responses in IE is no longer so tiny.

Minor tweak - Default color for organization pill is grey.


More details about the cleanup: In reviewing data in preparation for the merging of query building functionality into AIR, we discovered some submissions that are incorrectly only in FormBuilder.  We are running a cleanup effort to load these into AIR this weekend (June 24-25th).   As mentioned before there will be some conflicts created as part of this process that will need to be resolved to fully load the submissions into AIR. 

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