AIR 2.1.4 Release Note

Tara Kieffer -

AIR 2.1.4 is scheduled to be implemented to production starting this Friday, September 21st at 8:00 pm central time.  There will be a 30-minute window during which AIR may be periodically unavailable.  AIR search may be unavailable for significant parts of the weekend, as all the XML and indexes will be rebuilt starting Friday night.

The enhancements for this release focus on two functionality areas in AIR - search and reading submissions.   Now for the details:

Changes to search:

  • Ability to perform an exact match searchSometimes you just want "boxing" not "box" "boxes" "boxed" "unboxed" "boxified".   Or you don't need to know who everyone has "met" and you just need Mets fans.  Now you get a choice.   Just check "Exact match" to invoke the strict search. 


  • Ability to sort search results by "Last Queried" date, "Last Responded" date, and source geographic facts



  • Exclude more than one filter at a time will treat it like an "AND" statement.  So you can exclude sources who have an address in Michigan AND sources with an address in Minnesota AND sources with an address in Missouri, all at the same time, from your search results.




  • Searching on sources will not include activity by default.   Have you ever been frustrated by searching with keyword "bankruptcy" only to discover all the sources returned are matched only because they were sent a query or email about "bankruptcy"?  No more.  Now the search will focus only words the from a source's submission, source's profile details and your tags and annotations.  If you do want to include the activity, type "activity=bankruptcy" in the search box.
  • Search will not return sources who have responded to a query with your keyword in the title.  As with the previous item, the focus is to search on the source's words and your tags/annotations.  So now if sources who responded to a bankruptcy query will only be returned in the source search results if their response included the word "bankruptcy."
  • County filters will display grouped by initial letter


  • Clearer information in submission snippets to which you do not have access but may be relevant to your search.  Sometimes when searching sources, you will see snippets of submissions to which you do not have access.  We have changed the view of the search results so that you see this without having to click into the submission.



  • Bugfix: Advanced search - sometimes the preview number displayed zero results incorrectly. This has been fixed. 


Improved view for reading submissions:

  • Ability to star a submission as "Insightful."  At this time, you are the only one who sees which submissions you have marked as "Insightful."


  • Ability to include source demographics in the collapsed view.  These are from the source profile (and not necessarily from the submission you are reading). 


  • Ability to search on source demographics- use search syntax similar to Advanced Search in the Source search to narrow down submissions.  For example, you can enter "political_affiliation=green" in the "Search within submissions" field to search for all submissions from sources who identified their political affiliation as "Green"




  • Highlighting of search keywords to easily identify matches



  • Ability to annotate on the individual response as well as the submission



  • Referring url included in the expanded submission view


  • Ability to select page or all search results with a couple of clicks.




  • Notifications when PINfluence are filed - Support team will be notified every time you file a PINfluence.  Please feel free to flood their inboxes.  (This helps us curate the PInfluence and Partner Notes blogs on in a timely way.)
  • Change of status of "Inactive-Temporary hold - not contactable (T)" updated to be "Active - Unverified (T)"  These are folks whose first interaction is creating a Source account, but they have not completed the process.  
  • Bugfix: Able to add project to an organization
  • Bugfix: Advanced Search - "Not contacted in the last" updated with the correct label to be "Not queried in the last." Note: it is the same search as it has been, just more accurately labeled.



Known Bugs

There are some known bugs related to IE8 and IE9, specifically submission reader and the map view.

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