AIR 2.1.5 Release Notes

Tara Kieffer -

This is Tara Kieffer once again from the PIN development and support team, this time announcing the release of AIR 2.1.5.   We are scheduled to implement this release to production Tuesday, January 8th around 9 pm Central Time.   We anticipate minimal downtime.

Below is the list of changes:

  • We have simplified the PINfluence form.   There are now fewer fields to be completed.   For more details on filling out the PINfluence form, go to "How do I fill out of the PINfluence form?"   If you file PINfluence regularly, thank you.  In the first half of the 2013, we will be introducing new ways to get stories of PINfluence in front of sources and potential sources.   The filing of the form will help sources see how their responses are informing stories.  And remember: If you don't fill out PINfluence source records are not updated and we can't promote your work on our site, in metrics, or to funders.  So please use it!



  • This next feature is notable for those who send queries in both Spanish and English.   The response to the standard "Language preference" question will now map to the language preference in AIR.


  • Responses to the permission-to-publish question is now a column and displays by default in the submission reader.  This allows the user to sort on this column to easily identify all the submissions where permission has been given to publish.  Please note that a "yes" is an explicit "Yes" response to the question.   All other responses, including "Contact me first" display as a "no."  The permission question has no answer by default.


  • Bugfix: Snippet displays when searching specifically on tags, as in tag=


  • Bugfix: Able to search on csv upload name.  Remember to use activity= when you type the csv upload name into the search bar.


  • Bugfix: Snippets display for searches with apostrophes,e.g., "don't have experience."


  • Lastly, we are implementing changes to support the pilot for the PIN publishing API.  This API will allow users to include responses in a feed, generated by AIR.  An example of the kind of project that may use this feed in the future is the LibrariUS project.  For now, there is no change to any of the current processes for publishing content to projects like LibrariUS.  Responses will only be included in the feed if the query is part of the pilot, the source has given permission and an AIR user has approved the response for publishing.   
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