Source 2.2 Release notes

Tara Kieffer -

On Wednesday morning, February 20th around 9 am Central Time, we will release Source 2.2.  The anticipated downtime is just a few minutes. This release brings you Newsroom and Journalist profile pages.  It also continues to build the foundation for an additional platform for sharing insights including those that may not otherwise get published or aired.

A word about why this is important -  These pages begin a process that will allow all partners to easily share insights. The idea of making vetted insights public can propel more PIN activity. For more on this topic, have a listen to APM’s Meg Cramer during our February 12th webinar (go to the 28:17 mark of the discussion). For more details on the changes and any actions required by you please continue to read.  Our PIN support team will talk more about how best to take advantage of this functionality in upcoming webinars.

Standard PIN Partners Action Required: This is important if you link to the current landing page for Source.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact  These changes can be made in AIR immediately, but you will not be able to see the published page until after the implementation.

  • Update organization profile and status in AIR: At a minimum, update your organization's logo to be a square logo and organization status to "Published."  If you do not have authorization to make the updates, contact the user with the "Manager role in your organization or email  Changes can be made at anytime so feel free to continue to tweak as needed.
  • Update your user details and status in AIR: At a minimum, update your status to "Published". 

Changes with this release:

  • We are retiring the newsroom landing page, and replacing it with a newsroom profile page.   This page includes a feed of the queries and PINfluence.  In addition, it allows newsrooms to include their social media details and a brief description of the organization.  The data to populate this page is pulled directly from AIR giving users an easy way to maintain and update the data.



  • NEW- Journalist profile pages.  Similar to the newsroom page, there is a feed including queries and PINfluence created by the journalist.  It also has a place to include a social media links and a bio (including the option to include an Intro video).   This page is available to to all users in AIR that belong to a Standard PIN organization.


  • NEW - Insights page - This page is an out-of-the-box way to share the published submissions included in the Publishing API.  This page includes introduction from the query, a link to respond the query, the published responses, and links to any PINFluence that are associated with the query.   This another step in providing a space for sources and potential sources to understand what happens with the PIN.  Please note: the Publishing API is still in the pilot phase.



  • Responsive and mobile friendly - the Source pages are now responsive for tablets and mobile devices. 


  • NEW - a public search of queries.  Included in the header is a search box that will search queries of interest and stories from   This search is available to all visitors of the site, not just those who have created a Source account.


  • The footer and header have been updated to be mobile friendly and to be consistent with  Note: there is a known bug for IE7 and IE8 not properly displaying.  
  • Bugfix: errors for sources who had responded to a query or opted into a newsroom no longer active in the PIN.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

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