AIR Changes - March 2013

Tara Kieffer -

In the last month or so, we have implemented some small changes and bug fixes.   

  • Changes to Query search:,
    • By default, results display by date created with most recently created listed first.   You still have the option to change the sort order by selecting from the "Sort by" dropdown list.
    • The options to sort by Title have been added to the "Sort by" dropdown list.



    • Publish date has been added as a filter option to the Query search.


    • Status has been added as a filter option.   Reminder: until query writing functionality is in AIR, queries that have never been published will not display in AIR.


  • Annotation has been added to the Advanced Search list.  This allows you to limit the search to only find matches on annotations.  You can still search on annotations by typing "annotation=" directly in the search field.


  • The question mark (?) is no longer available to use as a wildcard.  The asterisk (*) is still available as a wildcard.
  • Users have the ability to edit email addresses for sources who have created a Source account.  It is no longer locked. It is still recommended a source update their email address by logging in so that their login username is also updated.
  • Zip codes with leading zeroes.  A clean up has been done to update 4 digit zip codes to have a leading zero.   In addition, the csv upload functionality has been updated to add a zero if the zip code only has four digits.
  • Shorter url is available.  This can be found on the query profile page in AIR just before the questions.


  • "Declined to state" has been added as a gender option for sources.
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