AIR 2.2.0 Release Notes

Tara Kieffer -

This is Tara Kieffer from the PIN development and support team.  We are introducing some important changes to AIR this weekend starting Saturday evening 5 pm Central Time, May 25th.   Some features may not be fully available until Monday morning, May 27th.

This release introduces query writing in AIR.  This is a major step towards retiring FormBuilder.   In addition to having one less application to navigate and learn, the following enhancements have been made:

  • You will have full control to create Insights page using the PIN publishing api.  The page will replace the question form page produced by Formbuilder. But the Insights page will also feature responses to the query. These public responses are moderated and approved by the AIR users. We have been piloting this for the last few months and have a nice range of queries and responses.  The page will also feature stories and programs that come from the responses - using the PINfluence form you fill out.
  • Each Insights page will have an embeddable version as well as the full page version.  Both will display any of the query's public responses and PINFluence. 
  • Each source who responds to an AIR built query will receive a confirmation message automatically as a thank you and record of their responses.
  • The Insights page is responsive making it more mobile/tablet friendly.
  • Choosing Spanish will provide the standard questions in Spanish.

The PIN team plans to update the essential PIN tutorials to help you understand how to write queries in AIR. We also plan to hold side sessions on using PIN tools at PINCamp with an emphasis on explaining this new enhancement.

Reminder, if you haven't already update, update your Organization profile and user profile with contact info and address.  In addition, change the status of both to Publish.  Basic PIN partners, please work with your support team to get this updated.

Also with the changes, the ending paragraph legal terms are included on each query including embedded queries (a/k/a blank template in FormBuilder).  There is no need to continue to add this to your query.  Please review existing queries to ensure this is not duplicated.  This can be removed in FormBuilder.


Additional changes:

  • Welcome letter for all new sources to the PIN.  The email will come from source's home organization.   There is a place in the email for a customized paragraph.   Please update the welcome message and email address on your organization profile.
  • Submission reader will include the contact responses


  • You will now be able to print responses in bulk from the submission reader.


  • The source Profile will indicate that  there are more phone numbers available.


  • The source profile will display aliases without having to go into edit mode.


  • PINfluence - will allow you to collect sources who informed the story using a bin.



  • Language preference - available on the source Profile.  Can be defined in a csv upload.




  • Export limit to Lyris has been increases to 5000 sources.
  • International numbers can be uploaded through csv

Any questions, please email  For those coming to PIN Camp, I will be around and available for any technical questions you may have. 

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