AIR 2.3.0 Release Notes

Tara Kieffer -

This is Tara Kieffer from the PIN development and support team.  I am excited to announce the next release of AIR - AIR 2.3.0.  This release is all about introducing email writing into AIR.  This is scheduled to be implemented 9 p.m., Tuesday, August 13th.  Minimal interruption is expected.

Below are some highlights of the email functionality as well as links to help get your familiar with the functionality.  To minimize disruption to your daily, Lyris/EmailLabs will continue to be available for email campaign writing.  (Although from what I have heard, there are many of you eager to say, "Farewell" to Lyris.)

With this enhancement, users are able to initiate email campaigns (typically more than one source) or individual emails from AIR.  Below are some highlights.   Please visit the presentation for additional detail.

Email Campaigns

  • Create from the header on any page in AIR.


  • Draft email with a WYSIWYG editor. 




Individual email

  • Create by clicking the email address anywhere you see it in AIR, or the "Reply" button in the submission reader.



  • Draft email with a simplified form that also includes a WYSIWYG editor.



Email Dashboard

There is an email dashboard that allows you to see all the emails you have created.  At a glance you can see the type of email, when it was created, if/when it has been sent, and initiate the duplication of an existing email.  



If you have any questions or feedback, please send an email to




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