AIR 2.3.1 release notes

Joellen Easton -


AIR 2.3.1 release went live in mid August. Now that most people are back to work post-summer vacation, we thought we'd tell you about what's new.  This release focused on optimizing AIR to facilitate the collaborative and team-editing work of the PIN Bureau, as well as deal with a few bugs, and move PIN over to new servers at APM/MPR. Thanks to Peter for the big push, and to Rebecca Blatt at the PIN Bureau for working with us on defining the specs for a number of these items. 

(Any links on items below are to relevant documentation.) 

Workflow and production improvements:

Bins are now searchable and mappable.  (Go ahead: Do a little dance on this one!)

Fixed a bug in search map rendering that caused some browsers to fail.

 * Recent Emails menu added to the top navigation bar.

 * Fixed a bug where email scheduling was ignoring the timezone of the user's computer.

 * Improved some tooltips and documentation for email scheduling and query authorizations.

 Collaboration improvements:

 * Email signatures are now group write-able, so you can more easily send email on behalf of another User in your Organization.

 * "Starring" a submission as insightful now updates the search indexes so that you can share your starred submissions with other Users.

 * Fixed email signature "stickiness" when multiple users are crafting an email.

 Stuff in the background:

 * Our new hardware should speed up page load times.

 * Some internal improvements to speed up page response times, especially on the main home dashboard.

 * Some internal improvements to how search indexes are updated should mean faster speeds and more real-time performance.

 Other smallish tweaks:

 * PINfluence RSS feeds now pull from all the Projects in an Organization, rather than just the default Project.

 * CSV and Excel exports now send email with a link instead of an attachment. This is a workaround for email systems that limit the size of attachments.


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