How do I export sources to a CSV file or Excel?

Peter Rasmussen -

updated TMK 04/19/2012, reviewed 04/09/2013 TMK, updated 7/15/14 JE

To export sources to a CSV file (comma separated value) you first create a bin and add sources to it.  This article will help you export a bin to a file.  This can be helpful if you then want to update information for a number of sources and then import it back into the system.

Note that you should never export sources to a file for any purpose inconsistent with the Public Insight Network contract (e.g. marketing, fundraising, etc) and our promises to PIN sources.

1. Click "Export" from the detailed view of the bin.



2. Export Bin page displays.  

3. Enter Password

4. Select "CSV File" from the Export Type dropdown

5. Check "Email CSV file" if you would like the file to be emailed to you.   This is optional for bins having 500 or less sources.  This will automatically be checked for bin containing more than 500 sources.

6. "Click Export"


7. One of the following messages display:

"Click to download CSV" will display if you did not select to have the file emailed to you.  Click the message to initiate the download.


"The results of your CSV export will be emailed to you shortly" will display if "Email CSV file" was selected.



Note: the limit for the number of sources that can be exported in a bin is 2500.



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