Why are some search results hidden?

Joellen Easton -

Updated 07/15/14 JE

What you can view in AIR is determined by your role and your organizational affiliation(s).   When you conduct a search you will see a certain number of search results, and another number of results in parentheses indicating hidden results.  This is intended to give you a sense of how broadly the term occurs, even if you cannot access all instances of the term.  

Hiding search results protects journalistic work product of journalists and newsrooms and the privacy of sources who have not indicated they desire a relationship with you or your organization.


More about roles

A role is an organization-specific permission that a user has to view, edit or manage that organization's data.  

A user's role applies to their main organization, any child organizations of that organization, but not to sibling or parent organizations.

A user's role corresponds to their level of training and placement within their organization.  Higher levels of access require additional training.  Roles are defined as Reader, Reader Plus, Writer, and Manager.  Most PIN users are Writers.  Reporters who may access the system from time to time but not create queries tend to be Readers or Readers Plus.  System managers and other expert users at partner organizations may be Managers.



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