How do I find sources who signed up in the last few days for my newsroom? How do I find my Primary Sources?

Peter Rasmussen -


This article will help you identify sources that have joined the PIN and are a part of your organization. 

Click here to review the article on what Primary Sources are.

This is how you identify Primary Sources that have just joined the network:


Further hints on date ranges for Sources joining the network:

Note that while the advanced search allows you to pick the last 7 days, or month etc, you can further refine the dates if you wish.  Note the dates in the screenshot below.  It currently has a date range of 20110421...20110428 for the 7 days selected above.  These numbers are simply a date range YYYYMMDD...YYYYMMDD where the first date is the beginning and the second date is the end date.  These could be modified to any date range.  For instance, if you wanted to see who joined the PIN in the month after the 2008 US election you could search for: src_created_date=(( 20081103..20081203 ))


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