How do I filter out recently contacted sources?

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Updated 07/15/14 JE


When searching for sources to send a query, you may want to filter out sources that have already been queried in the last X many days.  


(Important reminder: including a tick on the "strict checking" box on the email export function of a bin does not filter out recently contacted sources. Here's what it actually does.)


You can get rid of recently contacted sources by using the filters (quick and dirty) or the advanced search (more flexible):

 Use filters to quickly exclude a pre-set date range such as 7 days.  
Once you have search results, expand the "Last Queried" filter box and click once (and get a green check) on "0..7 days" to search for only people who have been contacted in the last 7 days, then click again (and get a red X) to search for people who have NOT been contacted in the last 7 days.  Repeat, if necessary, for additional filters.  Then click “Apply Filters.”

Using Advanced Search is more flexible:


If you use Advanced Search, when you receive your results you can then easily edit the excluded date range in the search bar to exclude a more specific range of dates.

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