What are the different types of source search types?

Peter Rasmussen -

Updated 03/01/2013

There are now 3 types of search in AIR for Sources.

All Sources: This includes all sources for which you can view source profile pages.  This includes active and inactive sources.  It also includes sources that have opted in or out of your newsroom and sources that have a status of "Editorial Deactivation."    It does not include sources that are in the Public Insight Network that have opted in to neither your organization nor the Global PIN.

Available Sources: This includes active sources and excludes inactive sources.  Includes sources that have opted into your newsroom and the Global PIN.  It excludes sources that have opted out of a relationship with your newsroom.

Primary Sources: This includes active sources that have your organization as their primary newsroom.  This can be done by a source using the Source App.  Or if the source has not created an account in the Source App, it is set as the organization through which they first entered the Public Insight Network (e.g. the organization that issued the first query they answered).

When do I use each of these types in my searches?

All Sources is good to use for finding sources to view their profile pages, regardless of whether they are currently active in the PIN.  Note that you can add any of these sources to a bin for exporting to Lyris, but sources opted out of your organization or inactive sources with bounced emails will not be sent to Lyris for sending queries.

Available Sources is best to use when finding sources you intend to place in a bin and then query.  These sources will all be active and have a relationship with your newsroom and/or the Global PIN.

Primary Sources is good for communicating directly with sources that have a special affinity for your organization.  This may be especially useful when filtering for recently joined sources to welcome them to the network.

Screenshot of the Search page:


Options to select the source type in the search bar of any page:



Screenshot of the organization panel on the source profile page for pin03@pinsight.org, a source with a Source App account:


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