How do I make a bin from a CSV upload?

Peter Rasmussen -

updated 07/29/2013 TMK

You can now make a bin from the contents of a CSV upload.


- The CSV upload must be completed and all conflicts resolved.  You can tell it is ready if the Status is "Ready" and it has a green tick/check mark next to it.

- Keep your bin drawer in the small view or closed. The larger view may cover up the space to drag the imported list onto the bin. If the bin drawer is closed, you can drag the CSV list over the bin icon on the lower right of your screen and the bin drawer will automatically open.

When would I want to use this?

This is useful if you upload a group of sources from an event and you want to follow up with a thank you note.  You can quickly create the bin to export to Lyris using this new feature.



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