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A new perspective of a Bin

From this full page view of the Bin, you are able to:

  • View submissions added to the bin
  • View notes added to the source
  • Tag all sources in a bin
  • Annotate all sources in a bin
  • Export to CSV or xlsx



How do I access the Bin Page View?

To get to the Bin Page view, click on the double chevron icon in the Detail Bin view of any bin.



How do I add submissions to a bin?

You can drag submissions to the bin from many views in AIR.

What actions can I take on these sources?

You can tag and/or annotate all sources in the bin.  Note: these actions will apply to all sources (not submissions) in the bin even if a filter is applied.  There is no mass undo, so tag wisely.



How do I add notes?

First you Enable "Notes" on your bin.   Click on the Edit icon in the Summary box.  Select "Enabled" from the dropdown and click "Save" button.



Next add sources and/or submissions to your bin.  The Add Bin Notes window will display.  This will allow you to add notes to the items being added to the bin.  This is only associated to the item in the bin itself and does not update the source or submission.  This may be a handy way to remind yourself why you have added this source to the bin.  These notes will be seen on the Bin Page View as well as in a CSV export.



You can also edit the note directly on the bin page itself.


What can I filter?

Within this view, you can filter on your notes and names by entering keyword(s) in the "Filter Contents" field.


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