What is an alias?

Tara Kieffer -

last reviewed 03/01/2013 TMK

Do you have sources who can't decide if they want to respond as Fred or Frederick? Are you tired of resolving a conflict every time they respond to a query?  

If so, then aliases are going to make your life a little easier.

On the source contact details, there is a new tab "Alias."  Here is where you can view and add aliases for the source's first name and/or last name.



As submissions are received, the importer will review the name and aliases to see if there is a match.  If there is not a match, a conflict will still be created.

When resolving the conflict, you can choose any of the following actions:

Ignore - this will not change any details on the source's record, but allow the submission to be accepted.

Replace - this will update the source's name with the value in the Conflict column.

Alias - this will keep the Current name, and add the value in the Conflict name as an alias.

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