Searching for PIN Sources - Using the Bin

Michael Caputo -

We’re going to assume you found the people you want to question with a PIN query. Now you need a way to gather them together. We do this using something called – the bin.

The bin?

The bin is the place where you put the email addresses of sources into one spot. When that bin is complete, you will associate it with the email you want to send to this group of sources.

Getting started 

To start gathering up your sources, look for the tab at the bottom of the page. When you click on the bin tab, you will open up a view that displays the last five bins your organization created. The tab gives you a way to open up a much larger bin view at the right (it's also where you find the "X" to close the tab). To go inside one of your bins – click on the title of the bin. And to create a new bin– use the "create" button at the bottom.

The larger bin drawer gives you options for managing the bins. Click on two of the bins just once and then use the button at the top - on the left - to merge the bins.

At the far right you can create a random binfrom a larger one. Let’s say you were going to query people on gas prices. Virtually all of your network could respond to these. So one way to reduce the number of sources you'll query is to create a very large bin of sources,click just once on that bin, then choose the random button to generate a smaller group. You can make that random group as large as you want.

Creating a new bin

Let’s take a step back and create a bin. Remember, you do that by clicking on the button at the bottom of the bin section.

Up comes a space where you can give the bin a name and a description. You can also choose to share the bin with others in your newsroom. Please note – we have a naming convention for bins, one that we'll use in other situations. It’s the date: The year, the month, then the date... followed by an underscore and then your initials, then an underscore and the bin name. This will make finding bins easier. When you are done with the name and description, click save.

Now the bin is in your queue and ready for accepting the source information.

Getting sources in the bin

You have three options to drag your sources into the bin and you'll find them at the top of the search area. You can drag those sources you select or you can drag all the sources you found or you can select those on that page. You literally put your cursor on the square, hold the left mouse button and drag that square to your bin. You can do a number of searches and pull different sources into that bin.

Associating this bin with an email

From within your drafted email, you can select this bin to send your email to. You can then send the email now, or schedule a time for it to send. 

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