How do I change a query form's URL?

Joellen Easton -

12/11/13: This article is deprecated.  PIN no longer uses either Formbuilder or Lyris/EmailLabs. Query and email production and distribution are now integrated into AIR. Please visit this tutorial on writing and promoting queries or this tutorial on AIR's email function to answer any questions. 

Here is a little-known but very cool feature of Formbuilder: The titles in form URLs are completely modifiable.

The title in the URL Formbuilder generates for you based on the text entered in the External Title field is merely a suggestion.



link to exactly the same form and responses are submitted on the same query in AIR.

"How is this possible?" you ask.

In fact, only the 12-character code in a form's URL is significant.  You can change the text that follows the 12-character code to anything you like (though, please make it appropriate).

You could use this feature in creative ways to allow you to track where your respondents are coming from, if you propagate varying versions of the link through alternate channels.


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