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Touching on Sharon McNary's outreach strategies, I thought I'd open up a thread to continue the conversation on straddling the line between successful, aggressive outreach and spam. 

Sharon mentioned that she uses a locked Twitter account to send out repetitive outreach messages. This struck me as a really interesting strategy and I'd like your thoughts on whether that's useful as hiding the 'spammy' aspects of the outreach, or whether and unlocked account could still accomplish the same thing.

One Twitter feature that I'd note — if you're using Twitter's native reply function and your tweet begins with "@username", your update won't appear in your followers' timelines, unless your follower happens to be a mutual follower with the person to @-replied to.

Other than that, I was really impressed with the depth of thought and very actionable ways Sharon is using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to potential sources.

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    Sharon McNary

    Well, it seems Twitter is on to my tactics, and my locked Twitter account @KPCCOutreach can no longer reply to Tweets in a way that pre-fills the reply box with the person's @Twittername. I'm back looking at other methods of doing outreach on Twitter. I'm back to using my own @KPCCSharon twitter account for reaching individuals who are talking about topics we care about. However, I'm being very careful to only do a handful per day, and making them individual, not mass.


    I can still draft a Tweet for sending out on the station's main account, but it's not targeting idividuals very well.

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