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To help you make queries on topics with commonly-asked questions, we have created a library of topical query templates.  Each template is intended to serve as a starting point, and should never be published as-is.  You must be logged in to AIR to view the templates.

Let us know in the comments what other topics you'd like to see templated! (And if you have a specific query in mind, please include a link.)


How to use these templates:

View the template in EDIT mode to see all the questions.  (We set all the templates to EXPIRED so they cannot be published as-is.)

Duplicate the query using the DUPLICATE button right above this description in the EDIT QUERY view.

  • Warning: Do not edit the template, as this will destroy the template itself.  Duplicate it first and then edit your own copy.

File your copy into the appropriate location.

Replace the SHORT DESCRIPTION and the FULL DESCRIPTION with actual, real copy about the topic on which you are querying.

At the end of the FULL DESCRIPTION, make mention of the story or project or beat you are working on, and explain (in terms general enough to not tip your hand) how you will use what you learn from PIN sources.  

Provide your contact information for questions, and, especially if it is a sensitive topic, remind the source that what they share will not be published unless they give their explicit permission.

Delete the questions you don't want to use. Then add some new ones that are specific to your project.  Re order the questions so it makes sense for your project.  (Questions on a template are designed to illicit a variety of responses, from a variety of common angles, so use only the ones that make the most sense for your needs, and create your own.) An ideal number of questions tends to be in the 2-7 range.

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