How do I find emails I or others have created?

Joellen Easton -

This article will show you how to find emails you have created yourself, as well as those created by others.

Shortcut to recently viewed emails

Access recent emails you have viewed (made by you, or others) most quickly by clicking on the "recent emails" button in the navigation bar at the top of every page in AIR.  A menu will drop down when clicked, displaying up to five of the most recent emails you have viewed.


Getting to the email dashboard

Access the email dashboard by clicking "## total" on the email panel on the AIR home screen.  The small email panel also displays the five most recent emails that you have created.  From the panel you can also click the green + button to quickly open the create new email interface.



Viewing and searching all emails you have permission to view

From the email dashboard, you can view emails made by you only, or uncheck the "only mine" box to gain access to all emails, created by any AIR user, which you have permission to view.  From the dashboard, you can also search for emails based on words which you know appear in the email or the author of an email.  You can also click the green + button to quickly open the create new email interface.



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