When do I deactivate a source?

Anna Weggel -

As you are reading responses and searching through the database, you occasionally might come across a source that you consider deactivating. Before you do so, consider if annotating the source's profile might be a better idea. Your instinct may be to deactivate someone if they are emailing you a lot, or providing possible false information, but we've cultivated a list of criteria for when to deactivate a source. Suggested criteria for deactivating sources is as follows.

           Deactivate someone if they are:

          -a proven liar

          -stalking a staff member

          -posing some sort of a threat to someone


Here are directions on how to deactivate a source:

How do I maintain a source's status with an organization?

If they are none of these things, but you do want to make a note on that person's record in AIR, use the annotations feature.

Here are directions on how to annotate a source's profile:

How to annotate a source's profile

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