How do I upload mailmerge or email recipients?

Anna Weggel -

If you queried your sources through your own email address instead of through EmailLabs, you're going to want to make sure that you notate in the sources profiles that they received an email from you. Instead of doing this manually with each individual profile, create a .csv file that you can upload into AIR. Whether you used the Microsoft Word mailmerge function, or emailed sources in the BCC section of your email, follow these steps to upload your email recipients.













After you hit submit, resolve any conflicts that may come up (follow that link for directions on resolving conflicts), then the sources that match the emails you provided in your .csv will have an updated profile with the fact that they were sent an email by you.

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    Molly Bloom

    If I just email one source is there a quick way to update this directly on their profile? Or is the only way to indicate that you've sent an email to (or called) a source through a .csv?

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