How do I merge contacts?

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Merging Sources Overview and Tips:

This article will help you merge two source records that are for the same person.  During the merge, you will select one source as the "Primary" and one as the "Merge" source.  

The Primary source will retain the username (primary email address).  This is important for those with Source accounts.

All email addresses, mail addresses, and phone numbers from the "Merge" source will be added to the "Primary" source.

A source record that has set up an account in the Source App can never be the "Merge" source, but it can be the "Primary" source.  If both records have Source App accounts set up, they cannot be merged.  If you still think you need to do this, raise a support ticket.

 All source information from both accounts including submissions, activities, demographic information, annotations, etc, will be merged into the Primary source.

AIR2 will help you resolve any conflicts with respect to name and demographic information.

Where is the Merge Button?



Use the "Flip Sources" button to change which is the "Primary" and which is the "Merge" source.


Manage Conflicts:






You're done!

Note that the "Merge" source record will still be searchable in AIR for a few minutes after the merge is completed.


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    Jeff Jones

    I often add an annotation to the source record to indicate why the merge occurred. Often it's because of a bounce back e-mail from them.

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