How does the submission reader work?

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This view allows you to search and read submissions within AIR.  The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the different features and navigation of this view.

In the initial view, the submissions display in a collapsed grid-like view.   Here you can:

  1. Link to the query profile page to see more details about the query
  2. Enter keywords to search within the submissions
  3. Click “Exact match” to have the search results match only on the exact words entered
  4. See which submissions you have read or not read.  Entries in bold indicate you have not read the submission.
  5. Change sort order of the submissions displayed by clicking on any of the headers.  


  1. Change the data in the view by clicking the Columns button.
  2. A dropdown menu will display with all the available options.  Click the check box to select the column to display.  Click again to have the column removed from the display. 


To view the full submission(s), you can click “Expand All” to open all submissions.   Alternatively you can click on any line in the view to expand an individual submission.


Did you find a submission of interest? You can mark it as insightful by clicking on a star.  You can also add tags and submissions.

Note: Other AIR users with access to the submission will be able to see your annotations and tags, as well as any submissions you have flagged as insightful, but sources will not see any of these.  


To see only submissions that have been marked as insightful, click the Insightful checkbox.  This will show you all items you have flagged with a star (with a yellow star), as well as any submissions flagged by other users with a star (these will display a gray star).


Collaboration tip: To show other AIR users a collection of responses that you have flagged as insightful, share the URL of the submission reader page after you have checked the "Insightful" box.  This allows you to share lists of responses on a given query with other journalists who also have access to those query responses.  This feature was added to make it easier to collaborate with other journalists.

The expanded view displays the full text of the questions and responses.  It also includes some basic query details, date and time stamp of the submission and source profile details.  

If you want or need to narrow down the submissions received, you can also “search within submissions.”  This will search on the response text, tags, annotations, and source details.  You can also search on specific fields.



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