How do I add submissions to a bin?

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Updated 09/20/2012 TMK

There are several places from which you can add a submission to a bin.  When you add a submission to a bin, the source will be added as well. 

Why would I want to add submissions to the bin?  

So you can view multiple submissions (up to 50) in a print-friendly view -- and print them.

So you can export submissions to an .xlsx file.

Adding submissions to a bin ... from the Submission Reader

1. Select the submissions to be added to a bin by:

a. checking the submissions individually OR


b. clicking the checkbox in the header to select the whole page OR


c. Selecting the dropdown in the header to select “All”


2.  Click and drag the green bar to the bin of your choice.  This will add all selected submissions and sources to the bin.


...From a search

You can add submissions from the Submissions search similar to the way you add sources from the sources search.   Click the checkbox for the submission(s) of interest.  Click and drag "Drag selected" button to the bin of your choice.   This will drag all the selected submissions to the bin.

You can get to Submission search by clicking "View search results" within the submission reader or by clicking on "Submissions" when already in the search results.



...From a Submission Profile

When viewing the submission profile, hover over "Submission" in the title of the page until the cross-hairs appear next to it.   Then click and drag the cross-hairs to your bin of choice.



...From a Source Profile

On the source profile page, hover over the submission of interest within the submission panel until the cross-hair appears.   Then click and drag the cross-hair to your bin of choice.




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