How do I export submissions to an xlsx file?

Tara Kieffer -


This article assumes you have a bin with submissions already in it.  To find out more about the ways to add submissions to a bin, click here.

1. Open Bin in the detailed view and click "Export" button.



2. In the Export Bin overlay, enter your AIR password, select Export Type "Submissions to XLSX File" and click "Export."

The file will be sent you via email. 



The file will include the following columns:

 Source UUID  
 Email Address  
 First Name  
 Last Name  
 Phone Number  
 Household Income  
 Education Level  
 Political Affiliation  
 Birth Year

It will also include a column for each question.  If there are submissions for more than one query, there will be a tab for each query represented.


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