Organization and User Profile fields

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Updated 5/29/2013 TMK

The values populated in these fields will be used for public-facing pages such as Newsroom and Journalist pages as well as the Welcome email.

Organization Profile

Go here to find out more how these will display on the newsroom profile page.

Images: The long-term vision is to have one place to store the logos that all the tools will look to.   This is the place.  In that way, when you have a logo change, there is one place to update it.

Logo: can be file type .jpg, .gif or .png - For best results, upload a square image minimum size 400 x 400

Banner: can be file type .jpg, .gif or .png

Website: Enter the full url (include http://) for the organization's website.

Summary: This is a 255- character short blurb about the organization.

Description: This is a longer description about the organization.

Welcome message: This included in the welcome email message.

Email: This is an email address that is included as the "From" email address in Welcome emails.  This should be an active and monitored email address in case sources respond to the email.





User Profile

Avatar: Upload a picture of the user.

Job Title: Text describing user's role at the organization

Summary: This is a 255-character blurb about the user/journalist.

Description: This is a longer description about the user/journalist.



Updated Link types

You can specify some types of links you may want to your user or organization profiles.  These will be used in public-facing pages as well.

The types are Intro video (Youtube or Vimeo), Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Personal, Work, and Other.


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