Anatomy of the Journalist Profile page

Tara Kieffer -

Updated 07/16/14 JE

This article outlines the elements of the Journalist profile page and how AIR populates the data.  (Go here for the article about the Newsroom profile page)

The Journalist profile page communicates to sources and potential sources the latest queries and stories a user has produced. (Note: Each Standard PIN Partner with a status of "Published" in AIR will have one of these pages. Also the user's organization must have a "Published" status before updating the user's status to "Published.")

Here's what a complete journalist profile page looks like:


1. Image: The image comes from the avatar supplied on the user profile.


2. Job title: This comes from the user profile


3. Links: The website url comes the user's Organization Profile page. Other buttons - Twitter and Facebook - are defined in the Links section of the user's Organization Profile page. Newsrooms activate those buttons by entering in their social media links, otherwise, those buttons will not display.


4. Summary: This comes from the user profile


5. Other Staff :This lists all users who have a user status of "Published" in your home organization.

6. Read more: This comes from the desciption field in the user profile. (See number 4)

7. Intro video - This link will pop-up to display a YouTube or Vimeo video.  Go here to learn how to link the video.

8. Story - This comes from the PINfluence entry filed by the user.  The headline links directly to the url provided in the PINfluence form. If there isn't a link in the PINfluence entry, the headline will display as text.  

9. Query: You include a query in this feed by setting the RSS feed flag to "Yes" in AIR. The query will automatically populate on the journalist profile page of the user who created the query. The headline is the Query's title and links to the Insights page.  The description comes from the short description field for the query in AIR.

10. Twitter feed: If your organization defined a Twitter link (see number 3) then the feed will display here.

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