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Updated 07/16/14 JE

This article describes the elements of the Newsroom Profile page and how AIR populates the data on the page. (Go here for the article about the Journalist Profile Page.)

The Newsroom Profile is a public page that communicates to sources and potential sources your newsroom's latest queries and the latest journalism that's come from PIN work. (Note: each Standard PIN Partner with a status of "Published" in AIR will have one of these pages).  

Here's what a completed Newsroom Profile page looks like:


1. Newsroom logo - the image is taken from the "Logo" field on the organization profile in the Images section. A square logo works best.



2. Location - City and state fields in the Organization profile


3. Number of sources.   This tally of sources represents all the "active" sources in AIR that have opted into your newsroom.  The "Become a Source" button displays next to this number.  A visitor not signed into the site, they would see the button in the page display above and click through to create an account. If the visitor is signed in but not a part of the newsroom's network, they would be opted in by clicking the button.  If they are signed in and a part of the network they will see a button that display's  "You're a source".



4. Newsroom information.  This is the short description populated in the "Summary" field on the Organization Profile.


5. Links: The website button comes from the url your newsroom enters on the Organization Profile page. Other buttons - Twitter and Facebook - are defined in the Links section on the Organization profile.   Newsrooms activate those buttons by entering in their social media links, otherwise, those buttons will not display.


6. This is a list of users who have a Published status and have this newsroom as their Home organization.

7. Queries:  You include a query in this feed by setting the RSS feed flag to "Yes" in AIR.  The headline is the Query's title and links to the Insights page.  The description comes from the query's short description field in AIR.  The name and image of the user who created the query will be displayed alongside the query title. This will also link that query to the author's Journalist Profile page. 

8. Story - This comes from the PINfluence entry filed by your newsroom's user.  The headline links directly to the URL provided in the PINfluence form. If there isn't a link in the PINfluence entry, the headline will display as text.  The logo for the associated organization displays as we recognize the person filing the PINFluence is not always the author of the story. 

Here's another example of a newsroom profile.  This one has just the logo defined and the person viewing the page has logged into their account.



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