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updated 09/19/14 JE

Every query your newsroom creates will have an insights page. Sources and potential sources will find these pages by linking to a query from the Newsroom or Journalist profile pages.  

The page includes the newsroom(s) that own the query, the query title, the query author, the date the query was published, the query introduction, and social sharing.  The "Respond" tab displays the query form.

The side bar will provide those who aren't in your network to become a source and will also display the three latest queries created by the newsroom.  Note: To be in the list, the flag "Display on" must be selected.



Any PINfluence associated with the query will appear under an additional tab labelled "Stories." 



On the "Responses" tab vetted responses are displayed.



To link to a specific response on an insight page:

  1. Go to insight page.
  2. Find response you want.
  3. Look for the blue date of the response (see above picture). That's a link.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Copy the URL.
  6. Put the URL where you want it.


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