How do I search for outcomes via PINfluence in AIR?

Annie Anderson -

AIR's PINfluence tool is an easy way to keep track of the impact PIN and PIN sources have on your content.

What metrics can I track with PINfluence?

When you file PINfluence every time PIN sources have an impact on your reporting, events, or other content, you can easily report back to newsroom management, funders, or your readers on the results of your efforts to engage your community in reporting, diversify your sources, and other areas of impact.

Say, for example, your newsroom has been using PIN heavily in its reporting on Common Core, and your boss asked you how much PIN has impacted reporting.  Run a PINfluence search on Common Core, and you have all the relevant outcomes.  

A talk show is making a concerted effort to bring more demographically diverse guests onto the show, and is using PIN as a resource in service of that goal.  File PINfluence for every time PIN helps land a guest on the show, and search on PINfluence to report back on progress. 

How do I find the outcomes that my newsroom is tracking with PINfluence?

You have two options: Run a PINfluence export and then work your magic on the spreadsheet AIR sends you. Or, use AIR's search tool to find exactly the PINfluence items you're looking for, using keywords.  

Here's how to do it:

1. From any page in AIR, click on the PINfluence search option in the search bar.


2. Type any keyword into the search bar to search on all PINfluence filed for organizations and projects to which you have access. 


Once your results display, you can scroll through to find the one you're after or you can see how many PINfluence you've filed on a given issue. 

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